Offering a new, great tasting choice in a category with few options, Good Moo’d stakes its name on changing the way consumers feel about lactose-free milk.

Chicago, Ill. – January 26, 2021 – Let’s make a pact to have more good days than bad in 2021, starting with something small like bringing a feel-good beverage like milk back into our diets. Today, Good Moo’d unveiled a brand-new line of delicious lactose-free milks to bring real dairy taste back to consumers without digestion consequences. Made with patented ultra-filtration, the new brand brings forward the smooth, creamy rich taste milk lovers remember and contains 25% less sugar than the leading lactose-free milk.

“Happy digestion leads to a happier day,” said Jeremy Faa, Chief Operating Officer of fairlife, LLC, the makers of Good Moo’d. “Good Moo’d doesn’t compromise. Its lactose-free, great tasting and a better for you choice in what was – before today – a category with limited options.”

An estimated 30-50 million consumers in the U.S. are lactose intolerant and while lactose-free milk has been around for 40 years, there are very few choices for consumers looking for dairy milk. Further, a consumer study found that when asked to describe today’s lactose-free options, 40 percent of consumers describe them as “too sweet.”* An overly sweet taste is caused by the process most brands use when creating lactose-free milk, which is simply adding the lactase enzyme to cow’s milk. This breaks down the lactose sugar found in the milk into more digestible sugars but causes the milk to have an extra sweet flavor. Good Moo’d’s ultra-filtration approach, paired with the addition of the lactase enzyme, removes all lactose without compromising the creamy, natural taste of milk.

“Whether it be milk in your morning coffee or a cold glass with a chocolate chip cookie, Good Moo’d removes the barriers and delivers a new, great tasting choice for consumers seeking lactose-free milk. We’re confident that consumers will agree when they try it,” said Faa.

The new milk brand is available now at select grocery and retails stores in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and West Coast regions of the United States. For more information about Good Moo’d and to find a retailer near you, please visit

about Good Moo’d
Good Moo’d aims to transform how lactose sensitive people perceive and experience milk. Through ultra-filtration and the addition of the lactase enzyme, Good Moo’d milk delivers the great milk taste you remember without causing digestion blues – and as an added bonus, contains 25% less sugar than the leading lactose-free milk. The full range of Good Moo’d whole, 2% and fat-free milks can be found in stores across the United States. To learn more, visit

about fairlife, LLC
fairlife, LLC was founded in 2012 to produce nourishing and great-tasting milk-based products made using a patented cold-filtration process that removes some natural sugars while concentrating the protein and calcium naturally found in real cows’ milk. The portfolio of delicious, lactose-free fairlife® products are available at major retail and grocery stores in the U.S. To learn more, please visit or follow the company on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

* Curion CLT, Fielded Oct 2019, n=159.